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Man cradles a black bear for a picture. Guided Black Bear Hunting in British Columbia
Fawnie Mountain Outfitters

Our area has a very good reputation for large black bears - the one time Pope & Young record for the province was killed here. Our hunts are similar to the Vancouver Island black bear hunts, producing similar size bears with excellent coats due the colder winters. As licensed BC guides and outfitters, Fawnie Mountain Outfitters offer a variety of big game opportunities in the Chilcotin wilderness of British Columbia. Our bears come in a variety of colours - black, brown and blond, with black and brown as the most common.

Our guides drive a 4x4 pickup truck to feeding areas, glassing, spot and stalk. The bears are fresh from hibernation, and their choice of feed in the area is green shoots, clover, and dandelions. With our camps on lakes with floatplane access, we are able to pick up hides soon after the kills, so that we can freeze them without any danger of spoilage. Rainbow trout are plentiful at the camp and at the lodge.

By now you have probably investigated several Canadian bear hunts, ranging in price from $2,500 for the baited tree stand hunts to $9,000 for a 2 bear hunt on Vancouver Island. The Fawnie Mountain hunt is for the hunter that wants super guides, big bears, quality food and accommodations, many great memories, all at a reasonable price.

All hunters shoot at least 1 bear. One reason for our high success on big bears is that we only have 6 hunters per week for 2 weeks each Spring. 2013 bear hunt dates are May 25-31 and June 1-7, 2011, when the bears are fresh from hibernation, easy to find and the hides are excellent.

2013 prices for 7 day hunts are $4,750 for 2x1 guided and $6,000 for 1x1 guided. A kill fee in the amount of $1,000 US is charged for the second bear when killed, NO kill fee is charged for the first bear. These prices include the floatplane flight from the bear camp to our fishing lodge at Moose Lake where you will relax and fish for Wild Native Rainbows after you have killed your bear- no extra charge for this. Fly outs to rivers for dry fly Rainbow fishing are available at cost of $400 per day. You may choose to stay at the fishing lodge longer than the balance of your 7 day hunt, if you do this a fee of $400 per day will be charged. Look up the info about our fishing lodge at www.mooslakelodge.com. THIS IS A REAL CAST & BLAST ADVENTURE AT A GREAT PRICE.

Hunting license cost is $180 CAN plus tax. Each bear license costs $180 CAN plus tax. There is a Non Resident Hunting Preservation Fee of $150 CAN. All fees are subject to a 5% tax. All guides in BC charge the NRHP fee, and all guides in Canada charge the 5% tax.

Your hosts, the Blackwells have owned and operated this business for 40 years. Some of the guides have been guiding here 12 years, some 10 years, etc. There is a sense of competition among the guides to find the biggest bears. The organization knows how to produce a quality hunting experience for trophy animals.

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Person with bow poses behind a black bear.
Huge black bear on grassy ground
Hunter behind a black bear posed on a log.
Two people holding the paw of a black bear between them.
Huge black bear on rock
Black bear peers over a log with mountains behind him.
Black Bear over log at Fawnie Mt.
Black bear posed on a moss covered log.
An adult grizzly follows a river.
Hunter from Belgium with black bear.
Black Bear over log
A black bear posed next to a hunter.
Man poses in front of hanging bear hide.
Hunter and bear with very black pelt.
Black bear fishing for salmon on the river.

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For a great article in Mountain Hunter Magazine about one of our hunts, check out Moose Hunt of a Lifetime!

1. Our enthusiastic and professional guides.
2. Our high success rate on big bears for many years.
3. Our great food, accommodations and equipment.
4. Our big, plentiful, color phase bears.
5. Our commitment to good service, with only 12 bear hunters each Spring.

Please contact me with any questions.
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Phone: (250) 742-3535