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David Morris with Big Moose

Guided moose hunting in British Columbia.

The Chilcotin wilderness is well known for its dense population of Canada moose. Our main lodge at Moose Lake is in the heart of prime BC moose country. We live at the lodge year round, see the animals close by through the seasons, their hiding places are no secret to our guides. Each fall we harvest several good bulls from the lakeshore, and in easy riding distance from the lodge.

Fawnie Mountain Outfitters have guided in the area in excess of 40 years, and have averaged a 95% success rate.

Our area of British Columbia has many lakes, which afford easy floatplane access to our camps. The moose like the habitat provided by the lakes and the meadows that interconnect the lakes. Transportation used is horseback, boat, or backpack, depending on physical limitations of the client. Some trips are from the lodge, some are from cabins or tents on remote lakes - we try to match you with the right guides in the right location to achieve the best experience.

Two men stand on the lawn with huge moose antlers.We have successfully guided clients in all types of physical condition, and in ages ranging from 14 to 80 years. Antler size range from 40 to 55 inches wide.

Our guides skin and cape the animal, trophy and meat are flown to Anahim Lake, a locker is available to process meat there. All shipping from Anahim Lake is your responsibility. We will transport head and cape to a local taxidermist if you want.

Several men stand with many moose horns.A professionally filmed bow hunting video featuring Larry D. Jones with Fawnie Mountain Outfitters, that shows good scenes of British Columbia moose being called and hunted, may be purchased by phoning Wilderness Sound Productions at 1-800-437-0006.You will have the opportunity to enjoy rainbow trout fishing on these hunts. Fishing is good at most of our camps, and excellent at the main lodge. If time and weather permit, you will be able to charter our floatplane for a salmon fishing trip to one of the good BC salmon rivers.

Please contact Fawnie Mountain Outfitters for info and prices on guided moose hunts in British Columbia. We can email, fax or mail to you.

Hunter with an amazing trophy moose from 2010 hunt.
Plane, boats, and horses at Fawnie Mountain Outfitters.
Two men with a bull moose from 2012 hunt.
Hunter in camouflage with his first moose.
Red haired lady with a bull moose trophy.
Two men in a meadow holding antlers of a bull moose.
Hunter in camouflage gear with a big bull moose
Man stands with huge moose horns too large to put in the floatplane behind him.
Two men stand holding antlers in front of a plane.
Hunter holds his moose antlers up in a meadow.
Hunter with trophy antlers.
Hunter in a red cap with a big moose.
Horses resting at the lodge between hunts.
Hunter stands in a frosty meadow with his trophy moose.
Moving out with pack horses for the hunt.
Huge set of  Moose  antlers held by a hunter on a dock
A hunter poses on a hillside in the forest with his moose
Posing with a monster bull moose in a meadow
Man kneeling with moose along lake shore.
A hunter poses in frost covered grass with his moose.
Hunter with nice moose in the woods.
Hunter holds the tips of his moose's antlers
Moose Hunter with huge moose in dappled forest.
Close up picture of a huge moose rack
Hunter shows width of moose antlers are same as length of rifle.
Water streams off of the antlers of a moose in velvet.
Hunter holds up antlers of a trophy bull moose.
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Guided BC Moose Hunts

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