Fawnie Mountain Hunts’ beginnings can be traced back to 1971 when John and Mary-Lou Blackwell, along with their two sons, homesteaded at Moose Lake and established Fawnie Mountain Outfitters. After 40 plus years of operating a world class hunting and fishing operation, the Blackwells were looking to retire and pass along the operation to someone who shared their love of the land and the guide outfitting lifestyle.

After discussions with neighbours Leonard and Michelle Banga, a deal was reached in 2015 for the Bangas to take over operation of Blackwell’s guiding outfit. The Bangas moved the outfitting headquarters to their lodge at Laidman Lake, located in the south eastern portion of the guiding territory; not far from the original headquarters at Moose Lake.
Several of Blackwell’s long time guides “came with the outfit” and are now continuing with Fawnie Mountain Hunts. Their knowledge of the area, combined with their love of the land and the enjoyment of guiding helps ensure the tradition of providing a quality hunting experience continues.

Sadly, in 2016 Leonard was lost in a tragic accident. Despite the devastating loss of Leonard, the legacy of Fawnie Mountain continues. Michelle continues to fulfill the dream of operating a successful guide outfitting business and lodge. The Lodge at Laidman, the people who work there and the clients who stay there, combined with the freedom of the wilderness the Lodge provides, is a testament to Leonard’s dream of a life in the wild Chilcotin.

The guide outfitting legacy started all those years ago, continues…

Mastering the art of perfect hunting for 40+ Years!