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Black Bear Hunt

Fawnie Mountain Outfitters conducts 7 day bear hunts beginning each Spring starting in May when the bears are fresh from hibernation, and the hides are excellent. Hunts are conducted from…


Moose Hunt

Fawnie Mountain Outfitters conducts 10 day moose hunts beginning each fall on September 15. Hunts are conducted from the main Lodge on Laidman Lake or clients have the option of…


Wolf Hunt

Fawnie Mountain Outfitters generally conducts wolf hunts in combination with the moose and/or bear hunts. For hunters wishing to experience a wolf only hunt, please contact us and we will…

I have been fortunate to hunt with several outfitters during my six years with Whitetail Frenzy, but Fawnie Mountain is second to none. I have had the opportunity to both Moose Hunt and Bear Hunt with Fawnie Mountain, and I must say that these trips were by far my most favorite hunts with an outfitter. The hunting itself truly is amazing, but the overall experience is what makes Fawnie Mountain so special. Each trip there has been a very unique and unforgettable experience. My favorite thing to do at Fawnie Mountain after I am tagged out is fishing for giant Native Rainbow Trout in one of the many lakes. Nothing cooler than hooking Native Rainbows, and watching Bald Eagles soaring over the lakes with the beautiful majestic B.C. Mountains making up the background. Trout fishing in your spare time is just one example of the many unforgettable moments you will experience with Fawnie Mountain Outfitters. I also don’t want to forget the food and lodging. The cabins and food are excellent, and the hospitality….well it’s as good as it gets. One thing I can guarantee, I’ll never pass up an opportunity to bear or moose Hunt with Fawnie Mountain Outfitters.

Kenny Davis

Whitetail Frenzy
My Spring Bear Hunt with Fawnie Mountain Outfitters wasn’t just a hunt, it was an adventure I will never forget. I was blown away not just by the number of Bears we saw every day, but also by the number of big bears we saw every day. This type of spot and stalk bear hunting was so much better than the typical baited bear hunt that I’ve experienced with other outfitters. Aside from the black bear and color phased black bear sightings, we also saw Grizzly Bears, Moose, and Rocky Mountain Goats. After the hunt each day, we would arrive back at camp with a wonderful dinner prepared at the cook shack, then we enjoyed some down time by the camp fire each evening before bed. Once you are tagged out or you are looking for something to do in the mornings, the fishing is incredible. I’ve never been anywhere and experienced trout fishing that compares to the fishing with Fawnie Mountain Outfitters. Fawnie Mountain from top to bottom is 100% top notch. This place truly has it all. I can’t wait to get back and experience the terrific food, lodging, hunting, fishing, hospitality, and beautiful scenery.

Aharon Davis

Fawnie Mountain Outfitters is a top notch hunting operation with staff and guides that exceed any and all expectations. Michelle, Chelsy, and Ken are skilled in their field and are sure to welcome you right in. Having partaken on many hunts, I can confidently say the amenities provided here are second to none. To further the incredible experience, there is access to astonishing trout fishing that makes for a delicious meal. Without a doubt, this trip will leave you with an adventure that you will never forget.

Gunner Huggins

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